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Mindful art exploration is at the center of both the National Youth Art Movement Against Gun Violence and The WasteShed and it is the driving force for our collaborative effort with the development and delivery of the 2018 Woke & Winning workshop series.

The Woke and Winning Youth Action Summer Workshop Series blends cognitive and social-emotional approaches to learning in a three-prong framework: Content and Conversation, Art-Making for Awareness, and Taking Action. The workshops' framework is based on Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning.

Content & Conversation

Expert speakers from grassroots and large-scale organizations will provide information and lead discussions on what is happening in gun reform on the local, state, and national level. The purpose of these talks is to inform our art practice in order to develop artworks that serve as more than thoughtful reflections. Artwork developed in these workshops will be used to create change in the world.

Art-making for Awareness

The “art making for awareness” activities provide a means for inquiry, creative problem

solving, and self-expression in the development of artwork that is explicitly meant to connect participants with the broader community.

Taking Action                         

Real-world opportunities for deeper connection to community organizing and the political process will be shared with participants. 

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